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Art on Plaza Stairs: “COLORS THAT SPEAK TO A UNITED CITY” at The Plaza

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"Colors that speak to a United City" was created in partnership with Harlem-bred artist Tanya Michelle Watler (Miscre8) known for her hand drawn, hand painted, sometimes illustrated original artwork. Watler started her artistic career in the 90’s in on the streets of her hometown, Harlem New York, with her whimsical colorful street style. She the founder of Lil Art Bodega Creative and has works featured in DELANO Las Vegas, Staedtler, Zappos, Art Live, Life is Beautiful, and local loved business like Simply Pure.

Located on the strip-side Plaza staircase, this 50-foot mural resembles a cascading rainbow and serves as a visual and interactive celebration of the diversity, enthusiasm and optimism that Las Vegas tourist and local population is known for. Former graffiti artist Tanya “Miscre8” Watler was chosen to bring the idea to life. 

This exclusive artistic experience features a total of 73 unique colors and took the artist 72 hours to complete.  Guests are encouraged to take images at the soon-to-be-iconic spot and share their experience on social media by tagging @fashionshowlv.