Grimaldi's Pizzeria-Tenant
6/3/2014 - 9/30/2014
Location: Grimaldi's Pizzeria  Lower Level

Grimaldi's Pizzeria, Tuesday Tastings

New Stores & Restaurants Now Open & Opening Soon!

6/16/2014 - 8/25/2014
Location: Microsoft Store  Lower Level

Microsoft -YouthSpark Summer Camps

7/16/2014 - 8/31/2014
Location: Chico's  Lower Level

Chico's - New Location!

7/18/2014 - 9/12/2014
Location: Chico's  Lower Level

Chico's - Fab Fridays

Uno de 50-Tenant
Location: Uno de 50  Upper Level

Unode50 - Fall/Winter Collection Event

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